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My name is Neil and I was born and still live in a Town called Hertford which is about 20 miles north of London.
In my past I have been a radio presenter (mainly pirate), a machine tool setter, telephone engineer and I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist.
My interest in Victorian Cemeteries is something which has developed over the past five or so years, how it started I'm not quite sure, but somehow I find myself here trying to work out exactly that point.
What I do know is the more time I spend wandering around old cemeteries the more my interest deepens. Luckily my wife Linda and also my son and daughter share my interest to a point which enables me to spend considerable time and money trying to capture the atmosphere and history of these Cemeteries in photographic form.

My Dad

I am by no means an expert on cameras or photography but my late father being an award winning photographer and camera collector has probably helped with my endeavours. My childhood was spent surrounded by old box cameras and developing equipment which at times, due to the vast quantities, almost took over the house.

Linda my wife
Linda my wife

The subject of my photo's often provokes the question "why". I've given up trying to explain to others the reasons for my interest, all I can really suggest to those who struggle to understand is to take a tour of West Highgate. After which the majority of people begin to appreciate the work of the Victorian stonemason, the tranquil atmosphere and the history of a revolutionary age.
Anyway I hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free to leave your comments in the guestbook on the homepage.

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